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Fraser Island Property Sales Management and Accommodation

You don’t need a car to enjoy your holiday on Fraser Island. Rent out a house in Eurong, for a long weekend or a week or two, relax and enjoy a short walk to the beach (no more than 300 metres from any of the houses)  for a fish or marvel at the sunrise, or pop over to the Bakery for a coffee and morning tea, or restaurants for the evening. Fully equipped houses ready for your beach holiday.

On Fraser Island, Eurong is centrally located, the ideal place to stay to explore the island’s natural highlights, whilst being close to amenities and services, such as shop, bakery, restaurants, etc. Make the most out of your day with just a short travel distance directly inland from Eurong you can visit Lake McKenzie, Central Station and the Rainforest area, Lake Birrabeen, Lake Benaroon, Lake Boomanjin (the southern lakes drive), visit Kingfisher Bay for lunch, all without having to plan around the tides. So travel inland during high tide, then have fun on the beach around low tide.

Without a car, Steve or Lisa from Fraser Island Taxi can also help you with a pick up from your house and take you to a lake, rainforest, hiking tracks etc. Please have a look at our full range of Holiday Homes in the Eurong area at Fraser Island Property Sales Management and Accommodation