The Great Walk

The Great Walk – what a great way to see the magnificent Fraser Island – by foot!!  The Great Walk has amazing scenery, remote areas away from the crowds, camp under the  towering rainforests, walk by crystal clear creeks, swim in the lakes after all the tour groups on the  buses have left, admire the vast sandblows, enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the stars at night.

The Great Walk takes approx 5-7 days to complete, starting the walk at Dilli Village ending your walk at Happy Valley, both situated on Fraser Island’s eastern beach.  Happy Valley is a great place to complete the walk and enjoy a coffee, a meal at the restaurant, beer o’clock starts about now, or a great steak sandwich.

Steve and Lisa at Fraser Island Taxi can help you with your transport from either of the three barges that arrive on the island and transfer you to either the start of the walk or to any destination on the walking track, whether you want to complete the whole walk or spend just a couple of days and hike part of The Great Walk.

Please see “How to Get to Fraser Island” which includes the barge information for your arrival on Fraser Island.